The Nao Victoria Experience: Tampa

The Nao Victoria Experience

El Galeón is back in Florida with her companion ship, the Nao Victoria! Following on from the success of El Galeón: the Viva Florida 500 Voyage in 2013, the Nao Victoria Foundation and a number of Viva Florida partners have created an extensive Florida tour, called The Nao Victoria Experience.The Nao Victoria Experience is an unprecedented opportunity to encounter history first hand by boarding the exact replicas of the first Spanish ships that sailed to the New World and beyond. The Nao Victoria Experience will call at ports on both the east and west coast of Florida, beginning with St. Augustine, their home port in the United States. The two ships will tour Florida separately in the first half of 2014 – El Galeón will remain in St. Augustine while the Nao Victoria makes stops in Fort Myers, Tampa and Port Canaveral.

Date and Time:

7:00pm March 21, 2014 - March 30, 2014


Tampa Convention Center
333 South Franklin Street
Tampa, FL

Contact Information:

Kate DeCarlo