La Caroline: A Rock Opera Gala Finale

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La Caroline is a ground breaking, dynamic Rock Opera set in present day New York City, as well as 16th Century Old and New Worlds. The Rock Opera chronicles the lives of the French Huguenot explorer, Rene de Laudonniere, artist Jacques LeMoyne, Timucua Chief Saturiwa, and others who were part of this extraordinary period of Native American and European history. Fictional characters, who represent groups historically underrepresented, such as Timucuan women and the Timucuan "Two Spirits," illuminate the world of the culturally vibrant Timucua, their rituals and ceremonies. Diverse perspectives emerge as well as the complicated situations in France and Spain, between the devout Huguenots, the Catholic Church, and monarchs and explorers. The history, blended with contemporary original music composition and dance, casts us into the lives and passionate desires of the now lost Timucua people and original European settlers.

La Caroline will be performed on the rooftop of Jacksonville's Museum of Science and History for a Gala Finale on October 24th. To purchase tickets, click here.

Date and Time:

8:00pm October 24, 2014


Museum of Science and History (MOSH), Jacksonville
1025 Museum Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Contact Information:

Jennifer Chase


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