Civil Rights in Charlotte County

Charlotte High Five

In 1964, Charlotte County became the second county to voluntarily integrate their schools, beginning with Charlotte High in Punta Gorda.  Eleven years after the historic Brown vs. Board of Education ruling that deemed desegregation in schools to be unconstitutional, Florida was yet to fully integrate.  As the Civil Rights Movement was building and unrest was raging throughout the southeast, including several Florida cities such as St. Augustine and Tallahassee, Charlotte County began the process of desegregating its schools.  Ultimately, on September 3, 1964, five black students began their first day at Charlotte High.  The students were Isaac Thomas, Jr., Felix Johnson, Minnie Lee Mitchell, Gertha Haddock, and Ron Middleton.

This exhibition looks at the how civil rights became a reality in Charlotte County and how much of that began with the Charlotte High Five.

Date and Time:

8:00am - 5:30pm November 8, 2014 - December 31, 2014


Mid County Regional Library in Port Charlotte
2050 Forrest Nelson Boulevard
Port Charlotte, FL 33592

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Dr. Martha Bireda
(941) 575-7518


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